The ChinesePod Story

ChinesePod was my first job out of university 6 years ago. It has turned out to be a deeply fulfilling role both professionally and personally. I went from a happy-go-lucky 22 year-old to a mother and entrepreneur approaching her 30′s.  Thanks to filmmakersJoanna Wong, Van and Weiwei, the ChinesePod story was told in this incredibly authentic, inspiring and cute (?!) piece. Enjoy!

Why is there no Canadian strategy on Mandarin? from Asia Pacific Video on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “The ChinesePod Story

  1. Ni hao, Jenny; what I found most interesting about “The ChinesePod Story” and” Canada’s strategy on Mandarin,” that the situation is much worse in the New York City metro area!!! There are only a few, and I literally mean a few, places where Mandaring is taught. And those venues are basically located in Manhattan. The newly arrived Chinese immigrant population is moving throughtout the metro area and points beyond. New York City alone has four Chinatowns and I’m pretty sure the powers -to -be are totally unaware that a New York City metro area strategy for learning Mandarin is going to be necessary very soon.

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